How Long Does it Take to Lose Weight?

Hello my name is Meral Ertunc I am the owner of Body Lines by Meral personal training studio in Orlando Florida. I’ve been a personal trainer for 25 years.

I’ve worked with clients from Lake Mary, Florida; Maitland, Florida; Winter Park, Florida; Windemere, Florida; Oviedo, Florida and everyone asks me the same thing the first day:

How long before I see changes in my physique?

My answer is that everyone’s metabolism is different. Everyone’s body is different. Males tend to lose weight a little quicker due to their testosterone levels than women.

However, if you follow a clean nutrition plan, don’t miss your workouts, drink plenty of water and get a good night’s sleep you will see changes in your physique within the first few weeks.

The No. 1 question is about weight loss.

How long does it take to lose weight?

So all you want to know is how long does it take to lose weight?

The answer is up to you. Are you ready to eat the right foods? Can you eat more of the right foods your body needs? Will you eat small portions? Can you cut down on sugar, salt, fast food, fried, food?

Nutrition fuels your body and it should taste good. You can learn how to prepare food by replacing salts, sauces and gravy with seasonings. You can increase your intake of vegetables, protein while cutting out junk food and lots of fat and sugar.

You have to eat properly and have learn about nutrition so that you know what you can eat to help your body as you work out, do cardio, lift weights. You’ll feel better if you drink lots of water, get your rest and have a healthy diet.

Health Problems? Start Working Out

You may or may not want to lose weight. I work with people who don’t want to lose weight. I work with people who just wantOrlando Florida Meral Ertunc is a personal trainer to get toned and look and feel fit. I work with a lot of people who have health problems that they’re trying to recover from, or avoid.

Exercise and careful workouts with proper form, customized, restricted workouts after an illness, surgery or injury is what I do. I’ll help you recover and get back to your old self–or your new self.

Losing Weight is a Battle of Will

Will you lose weight when you work out? Will you eat right and cut out fast food? Will you stop eating fried food, candy, desserts for breakfast? Will you stop eating ice cream before bed and donuts on coffee breaks? Your ability to lose weight is up to you because only you can control your appetite. Your ability to lose weight means that you’ll have to give up the foods you know you shouldn’t be eating.

Eating healthy foods is the key to weight loss

So are you ready to get started? I’m going to be tough on you in the gym and I want you to be honest with me about what you’re eating. You can lie to yourself, but you can’t fool me because your body doesn’t lie. If you’re not sticking to a food plan, your body will tell on you. If you’re still sneaking candy bars every night when you drive home after work or school, and then expect to “work it off at the gym” it’s not going to work.

But if you want to eat badly, it’s your choice. If at the end of the day you want someone to train you because you eat poorly and can’t control your diet then I’ll help you do what you can to workout the right way. We’ll customize a plan for your body type, and target some activities and workouts that will help you burn calories, tone your muscle, increase your strength and stamina.
No matter how hard you workout, no mater how many times or how long you do cardio,You have to eat healthy to lose weight your personal nutrition is the key to your success. You can keep a food log. You can tell me what you’re doing differently at the dinner table. But your body will tell on you if you’re still sneaking desserts, eating bad carbs, overdoing it with the sauces, cheeses, dips and gravies.

When your nutrition is right and you’re 100% committed to eating the right foods, working out on schedule, then, you will have your answer to the weight loss question. You will lose weight when you’re eating right. Nutrition is 85% of weight loss and getting physically fit.

When you’re doing cardio, weight-bearing excercises and making healthy changes you’ll be on the path to weight loss. I can train you, I can help you to write down what you eat, but you have to commit to your goals. It’s my job to guide you.

How important is nutrition to reaching my fitness goals?

eat fresh vegetables with every meal to eat healthy and lose weight I believe if you’re trying to lose some body fat that it is 80 to 85% from your nutrition. If you’re trying to get more toned and defined, 80 to 85% is because of nutrition.

You can do all the exercises you want five to seven days a week. But if you don’t follow a good nutrition plan you will not see that body fat go down, losing inches or the scale going down. However you will feel healthier and more energized from doing all the exercises but again, you will not see the change of the weight coming down or the body fat dropping.

About Me

I’m an Orlando Florida personal trainer who creates personalized workouts for clients who train one-on-one in my fitness studio Body Lines By Meral in Maitland, Florida. I’m located off 17-92 at the Villages of Lake Lily complex.

I am an IFBB Fitness Figure Model, a professional bodybuilder and I live a healthy lifestyle eating healthy meals. I do whatever I can to provide you with the plans, the support and the workouts to make you successful. I push you in your workouts and help you with the right exercises, your form while working out, providing a

Personal trainer for 25 years Meral Ertunc

wide range of workout styles so you’ll never get bored.

I’ll also work with you if you have a private gym or private club with a workout room. We’ll talk about your health challenges, your nutrition and your weight loss or physical goals. I’ll do my part by pushing you through your workouts and encouraging you every step of the way. I maximize your time so that your workout begins when you walk into the studio.

Transform Your Body

You'll lose weight when you eat rightI will help you transform your body using more than 25 years of experience with weight loss, nutrition and personal training. I can help you sculpt you body with scheduled one-on-one personal training sessions that you can live with.

If a workout or a diet or a lifestyle or health change is too hard or you don’t commit to it, you’ll never keep doing it. I can give clients menu ideas, food guidance and fitness tips.

I like to work with people who have made personal promises to themselves, to their families, to their loved ones that it’s time to make a healthy change for the better. Working out will give you energy, make you feel healthier and you’ll sleep better.

Eating Healthy is the First Step

Healthy living is not only my career it’s my way of life. I work out daily, I eat healthy food and cook meals with recipes that replace seasonings and ingredients to make healthy food taste delicious.

What you eat should be your biggest concern. I know how hard it is to find time to eat healthy food or prepare it when you work, have children, school. If you want your workouts to matter, you have to eat the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and begin cutting out what you know is bad for you.

It’s not going to happen overnight because change takes time, but the longer you wait, the worse you’re going to feel. When I work you out, you’ll need to have the right nutrition to power up for your training sessions. Get ready by starting today.

Rule No. 1: Nutrition is 85% of Weight Loss & Fitness

Eating healthy and for your specific health needs is my No. 1 rule. Proper nutrition is 85% of why you will get in shape. You will not reach your fitness goals without eating the right foods. I am merciless in the gym and l use every minute of every session to maximize client time and workouts.

“I push you from the minute you walk in the door,” Meral Ertunc said. “We’ll get right down to business working on your body and weight problems, issues and concerns. “I’ll give you help learning how to get healthy because I show you methods you can live with.”

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Meral helped Landy Dean lose weight

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You’ll find out how to begin and you’ll set a time to come in for a meeting with Meral. There is a very thorough consultation with lots of questions.

By the end you’ll know what workout openings Meral has available and how often you’ll need to workout and when you can begin on the path toward reaching your goals.

Everyone is different and there is no magic diet, no instant or quick fix or substitute for transforming your body or your health. But when you make the call you’ll learn about how to begin to transform your body.

Read about how Meral helped world-renowned celebrity makeup artist Landy Dean transform his body. Landy wanted to lose weight and get fit. Landy’s personal story about working out with Meral who became his personal trainer in: “How Meral Changed My Life.”

Take control of  your health, your body and your life. Body Lines By Meral. Your Success is My Reward.

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