Transform Your Body

Orlando Florida personal trainer, nutrition and weight loss specialist Meral Ertunc will help you transform your body.

Meral has more than 20 years of experience sculpting bodies through proper eating and personal training that clients can LIVE WITH.

“If the workout or diet is too hard or you don’t like it, you’ll never keep doing it,” Meral said. “I’ll give you menu ideas, guidance and fitness tips you’ll be able to live with.”

Anyone can say they’re a trainer, but Meral is living proof that her diet, nutrition and workouts are successful.

Meral is an IFBB Fitness Figure Model, a professional bodybuilder and a healthy chef. She personally lives by the things she teaches her clients.

Meral provides clients one-on-one private personal training sessions at her studio Body Lines By Meral in Maitland, Florida. She also works clients out at personal home gyms, private gyms and public gyms.

A Way of Life

Healthy living is not only Meral’s career it’s been her way of life. She works out, eats healthy and cooks delicious meals and recipes using replacement seasonings and ingredients to make healthy food taste delicious.

Clients love her cooking but her recipes aren’t available–yet. Maybe one day soon. Meral transforms clients’ bodies through the special menus she plans for them based on what they like, don’t like, have to avoid due to health reasons or include to reach weight loss goals.

Rule No. 1: Nutrition is 85% of Weight Loss & Fitness

Eating carefully and for your particular health needs is Meral’s No. 1 rule: Proper nutrition is 85% of getting in shape. You will not reach your fitness goals without eating the right foods. Ever.

Meral’s No. 2 rule? She’s merciless in the gym. She’ll use every minute of every session to maximize client time and workouts.

“I push you from the minute you walk in the door,” Meral said. “No waiting around. We’ll get right down to business working on your body and weight problems, issues and concerns.

“I’ll give you help learning how to get healthy because I show you methods you can live with. You’re not going to stick with it if you don’t like doing it.”

Body Lines by Meral Services

  • One-on-One Personal Training
  • Workouts for Weight Loss
  • Diets & Meal Plans for Weight Loss
  • Diet, Nutrition & Meal Planning
  • TRX Training
  • In-Home Personal Training
  • Cardio Training
  • Strength Training
  • Boxing Workouts
  • Muscle Toning Workouts
  • Body Fat Analysis
  • Body Assessment
  • Nutrition Basics
  • Proper Portion Size
  • Low-Fat Menu Planning
  • Injury Recovery & Rehab
  • Muscle-specific Knowledge for Fitness & Training
  • Healthy Chef Cooking Classes
  • Functional Core Training

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Your Success is My Reward

Call personal trainer Meral Ertunc for a personal consultation to talk about your fitness and workout goals. Start doing something today to transform your body and maintain your health through nutrition and fitness. Explain your challenges, tell her what you hope to achieve. You’ll find out how to begin and you’ll set a time to come in for a meeting with Meral. There is a very thorough consultation with lots of questions.

By the end you’ll know what workout openings Meral has available and how often you’ll need to workout and when you can begin on the path toward reaching your goals.

Everyone is different and there is no magic diet, no instant or quick fix or substitute for transforming your body or your health. But when you make the call you’ll learn about how to begin to transform your body.

Read about how Meral helped world-renowned celebrity makeup artist Landy Dean transform his body. Landy wanted to lose weight and get fit. Landy’s personal story about working out with Meral who became his personal trainer in: “How Meral Changed My Life.”

Take control of  your health, your body and your life. Body Lines By Meral. Your Success is My Reward.


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