What Happens in Personal Training Sessions?

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Maitland Florida Personal Trainer Meral Ertunc.

Hello everyone, I am the owner of Body Lines Personal Training Studio in Maitland Florida. Today I’m going to talk about cardio training and strength training and what happens in personal training sessions?

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Client Health and Fitness Goals

When clients come in to me they always have different health and fitness goals so I like to go ahead and talk to them and see what those are. And then I put a program together for them. So everybody’s training is going to be a little different.

All Workouts Start with Cardio

I recommend that you come into the studio before your strength training workout or your cross-training workout and you do a 15 minute warm-up on any of the cardio machines. It could be a rower, it could be the elliptical, it could be the spin bike, the treadmill, or the step mill.

You warm up get the muscles warmed up for about 15 minutes, nothing intense you’re just doing aerobic base to get your heart rate up, to get nice warmed up and then we’ll go ahead and do your training. Whether it’s going to be a strength training or whether it’s going to be a cross-training whatever I put together individualized just for you.

Depending on what your goals, your fitness and health goals are, cardio is a great type of exercise to get your heart rate up to burn calories and burn fat and get your heart and lungs in shape.

Looking to Lose 20, 30, 40 Pounds?

Cardio: 45 Minutes to One Hour 5 Times a Week

If you are looking to lose twenty, thirty, forty pounds I recommend that you do cardio training at lease five times a week

Eating healthy is very important to successful personal training

Nutrition plays 85% of weight and training success.

anywhere from forty five minutes to one hour.

If you are a thin individual and you are trying to put on some muscle, I don’t recommend that you do high intense cardio. Of course always warm-up for ten or fifteen minutes before you do any strength training exercise. Any weight exercise is going to help you build muscle mass.

Your Genes Decide Muscle Building

Short? Muscle Goes on Faster

Depending on your genes, some people that are, that have never worked out before can put on muscle a lot quicker than others.
For an example, if you’re short like me, you can put on muscle a lot quicker than somebody that’s six foot tall. They have longer arms length, they have longer legs so it takes them a little bit longer to put on muscle tissue.

Losing Weight From Cardio is Excellent

Losing weight from cardio is an excellent way to go, but you have to put the weight-bearing exercises with it. Cause when you do cardio what happens is you’ll get smaller and you’ll lose inches from doing a lot of cardio. But you won’t be toned and defined at the same time. You have to incorporate weight training, TRX training, any type of strength training incorporate with it to get that nice definition and muscle tone.

Nutrition is 85% of Getting in Shape

Eating protein, the right carbs, veggies for fitness

It’s very very important that when you first start coming to me as a client that nutrition plays 85 percent of the whole trying to get in shape. When you start training with me it’s a lifestyle change that you have to have for yourself. Whether it’s to lose body fat, whether it’s to gain muscle tissue each person is going to be a little different.

When you start training with me you have to make sure that I completely understand what your fitness goals are. I listen to everything that you want to go over with me. And then I put a program together just for you.

How Do I Lose Body Fat?

If it’s just to lose body fat, to lose weight gain or if it’s just to get in cardiovascular condition because you’re doing triathlon training. But most of the clients that come in here they always ask me I want to drop some body fat, I want to get toned, how do I do that?

Incorporate Cardio, Strength Training, Nutrition

Well you’re going to have to incorporate three things and that’s going to be cardio training, strength training and nutrition.
85 percent is the nutrition so you have to make sure that you’re eating enough protein, that you’re eating a good source of carbohydrates and you’re taking plenty of vegetables and fruit. And of course there’s then the strength training comes. If you want to tone and define your body you have to do strength training.

Injuries? Strengthen Area First Then Cardio

If you have any injuries you need to strengthen those areas. Then the cardio comes along with do I want to drop body fat? Do I want to get more in shape? Do I want to drop some weight? Then you have to incorporate the cardio with it.

Start Training Three Times a Week

Cross Training, TRX training, Strength Training

I recommend that you start training at least three times a week anywhere from half an hour to 45 minutes for cross-training which is  strength training and also TRX training and core training at least three times a week.

Two to Three Weeks to See Changes

And then I would give yourself that two to three weeks to really see some changes. You will get stronger, you’ll feel better and your metabolism will start speeding up and that’s when you’ll  notice that you will start losing some inches.

Contact Me for Training Openings, Consultation

Hi everyone my name is Meral Ertunc and I’m the owner of Body Lines Personal Training and fitness studio in Maitland Florida. If you have any questions, please go to my website BodyLinesByMeral.com you can contact me through there with any questions and concerns and I will be happy to answer your questions and happy to give you a half hour free consultation. Thank you.

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