What is TRX Training?

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Hello everyone I am Meral Ertunc I am the owner of Body Lines Personal Training studio in Maitland Florida.

What is TRX Training?

Today I’m going to talk about TRX training. What is TRX training and I’m going to show you and I’m going to demonstrate and show you some of the exercises that are done by TRX training.

You may watch the video called, “What is TRX Training?” on the Meral Ertunc Body Lines by Meral YouTube channel demonstrating some TRX suspension training workouts.

TRX Training Exercise

The first one this is a suspension training workout. It’s going to be done with straps and it’s going to be with your own body weight.  I’m going to show you a beginner workout and more of an advanced workout. I’m going to first go over for upper body.

Suspension training is going to strengthen your core it’s going to build flexibility core and balance. I’m going to go ahead and demonstrate a few different exercises to show some of the demonstrations that I have with your upper body and lower body and core body.

Upper Rows for Rear Deltoids

Ok, first of all we’re going to start with upper rows. This is for your rear delts. You can make this as simple or as advanced as you

TRX training Meral Ertunc

TRX training uses your body weight for suspension.

like.  First this is going to be like a midway point. So you’re going to bring your arms up and then stretch back.

Bring it up keep your back nice and straight. Engage your abs your core and you’re going straight out. Now if this feels a little bit too uncomfortable because it’s a little too hard for you to do  then you go a little more upright and when you go upright it’s going to be a lot easier to do.

This may be good for beginners. So you’re stretching and pulling. Stretching and pulling, keeping your elbows up and engaging that core. Now if that’s a little too easy for you then you’re going to get more of an incline position.

This is more of an advanced movement in an inclined position. So again you’re going to keep your back straight, elbows up, stretch don’t round your back like this, keep that back nice and straight. Elbows up and stretch and stretch pull up.

And stretch, that’s an upper row. Now I’m going to show you for lower body workout. A beginner’s squat is basically your feet are shoulder width apart and your hands your arms are slightly bent.

And you’re just going to squat down and then right back up. Squat this is a beginner one. OK Squat and up. Nice and deep and up.  Now if you want to make this more advanced get more of an incline. Squat and then pull up. Squat and up.

One-Legged Squats on TRX Training

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Orlando Florida personal trainer Meral Ertunc.

Now I’m going to show you a little bit more of an advanced movement. We’re going to do one-legged squats. One-legged squats. Put one leg out in front of you and you’re going to drop down parallel and pull yourself up. Arms are soft. Straight up. Back nice and straight. Then you can do ten on each side and then switch to the other side. Again. Leg out drop down and back up. Drop down up. Drop down and up.

Exercise for Upper Pectorals

All right I’m going to show you another exercise this is for upper pecs. And this can be modified so that you can make this, make it a beginners or advanced.

Beginners is going to be more upright so you’re in an upright positions. Arms are straight out in front of you. Make sure the straps are not below like this that it doesn’t scrape your arms. Your arms are up you’re going to bring back here and push out. Keep those arms bent and push.

Now this is a beginner. Now if you want it more advanced you go back more.  Drop down and squeeze together. Down squeeze together. You want to make it a little bit more advanced? Back up more. More of a level where you’re almost to the ground level here. And that basically wraps it up for TRX training.

Again, my name is Meral Ertunc I am the owner of Body Lines by Meral Personal Training studio in Maitland Florida. If you need to reach me to setup a free consultation, you can go to my BodyLinesByMeral.com e-mail contact information. Just e-mail me and please go over what your health and fitness goals are. Be specific and then I will get your e-mail and contact you back just as soon as I’m available.

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