How TRX Training Gets You in Shape

TRX training with meral ertunc orlando

Orlando personal trainer Meral Ertunc explains TRX training.

Hello everyone, my name is Meral Ertunc I am the owner of Body Lines Personal Training Studio in Maitland Florida. Today I’m going to answer some questions about TRX Training.

If you want to watch the video go to my YouTube channel and watch, “How TRX Training Gets You in Shape.”

How Does TRX Training Get You in Shape?

TRX training is suspension training for your body weight. It helps you build your strength, core, flexibility and balance.
TRX is for just about anyone. You could be a beginner, you could be an advanced athlete, it’s for everyone.  You just have to modify it to make it more challenging or  you just have to basically start as a beginner.

How Does a New Client Start?

We Go Over Your Goals, Health, Issues

When I start a brand new client I will always first go over each exercise with them. Showing them exactly how the form is done, making sure I watch them, make sure that they are correct on their form which is very important with TRX. When you’re training with me in my own studio, I will stand right next to you and guide you and watch you and make sure that you are using proper form in each and every exercise and motivate you.

Cross Training

In Body Lines by Meral training we do a lot of cross training. So TRX is always a part of our exercise program. We’re going to be

Personal trainer Meral Ertunc

Personal trainer Meral Ertunc uses cross training and TRX training.

doing weight training, we cross train with weights, then TRX we just go back and forth. We don’t really do half an hour of just nothing but TRX training. I incorporate all the different type of exercises all together for your workout.

We Work at a Pace You Can Live With

Anytime that you’re uncomfortable or if an exercise to hurt you I will go ahead and modify and do a different type of exercise to make sure that you are getting the benefits and the correct form to make sure it’s going to help you.

My Job is to Be Your Coach

As a personal trainer, my job is to be your coach. It’s to motivate you. It’s to make sure that your form is correct. It’s to basically stand there and make sure that you’re getting the best workout during the time that you’re in your studio training with me.
Hello everyone my name is Meral Ertunc I am the owner of Body Lines by Meral Personal Training studio in Maitland Florida.

If you need to reach me to setup a free consultation you can go to my website and there is an e-mail contact information. Just e-mail me and kind of go over what your health and fitness goals are and then I will get that e-mail and contact you as soon as I’m available. Thank you.

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