How Bosu Ball Training Strengthens Your Core

personal trainer maitland flHi everyone I am Meral Ertunc I am the owner of Body Lines Personal Training in Maitland Florida.

You may watch the video called, “How Bosu Ball Training Strengthens Your Core,” on the Body Lines by Meral YouTube Channel.

Today I’m going to go over Bosu Ball training. Bosu ball training is a great core exercise, strength exercise, flexibility exercise. There’s a lot of balance involved here this could be very advanced movement or it could be very beginner movement.

A lot of people get a little nervous when they start getting on top of the Bosu ball because it is very wobbly but it’s going to help you build strength, flexibility and get your core really nice and strong.

I don’t recommend people that are over 70 years of age being on top of a Bosu ball. I just feel that that could let up to a little bit of an injury.

What is Bosu Ball Training?

Bosu ball training should be done with supervision until you know what you’re doing. You could easily injure yourself it you tryOrlando personal trainer Meral Ertunc explains Bosu Ball Training to do something on your own. Bosu Ball Training is done with your own body weight. Some people have never done Bosu ball and they may have a lot strength already built up that they can go ahead and do this right when I teach them.

And a lot of people they don’t have any strength. But you can build your strength on the Bosu ball to get more advanced.
I’m going to go ahead and demonstrate some exercises on the Bosu ball. I’ll start with a beginner exercise and then show you a intermediate exercise and an advanced exercise.

What Exercises Can You Do On Bosu Ball?

OK first this is a beginner exercise. Bosu ball is a little wobbly like this. This is a hard surface. What I want you to do is to get right on top of it. You’re going to go ahead and do a push-up. Your knees are going to be bent you want your back nice and straight and you’re going to come all the way down and you’re going to push up. OK this is a beginner Bosu ball push-up here OK?

Now, if you want to do a little bit of an intermediate you’re going to be up on your toes and you’re going to go down deep and push up. Down deep and then push up.

Now if you want to be a little bit more advanced have one leg out  lot of balance here if you notice. Here and push. Here and push. Back is nice and straight engage that core and you’re pushing up. This is more of an advanced Bosu exercise.

Once again my name is Meral Ertunc I am the owner of Body Lines Personal Training in Maitland Florida and this is Bosu Ball training. Thank you.

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