3 Weight Loss Cases, 3 Results

How Long Will It Take Me to Lose Weight?

Orlando personal trainer Meral Ertunc healthy nutritionToday I want to talk about the number one questions that my clients always ask me: how long will it take me to lose weight?

Everyone’s different when it comes to losing weight. It all depends on your metabolism, genetics, and your age.

3 People, 3 Workouts, 3 Results

Similar Age, Different Exercise, Healthy Food

So what I did is I took three clients that are approximately the same age–give or take two years apart–in their 40s–and they have children and their main goal is to drop some body fat, increase tone and muscle, and overall just feel more healthy.

So I put them on a really good, clean, eating and healthy nutrition program.

Client 1

Works Out 6-7 Times Weekly

One client is dedicated to working out 6 to 7 days a week doing aerobic activities and also weight training.

Client 2

Works Out 2 Times Weekly

The second client has only time to work out twice a week with weights and cross training and maybe do twice-a-week aerobic activity.

Client 3

Works Out 3 Times Weekly

The third client is able to work out about a half hour a day three times a week, play tennis on the weekends.

All three clients start at the same time.

The Results

Client 1

The person that works out the most–6 to 7 days a week–with the clean eating nutrition program is barely dropping 1 pound a week and she is working out.

Client 2

The second client is working out twice a week with weight training and doing aerobic activity two times a week and she has dropped 7 pounds in two weeks.

Client 3

My third client is working out for a half an hour three times a week with weight training and playing tennis on the weekends and is struggling with weight loss.

As I mentioned, all three clients are in a very good, healthy nutrition program.

The Details

Meral Ertunc Push Up WorkoutsThe first client does not cheat whatsoever. She’s very strict with her food intake and is very dedicated to 6 to 7 days a week to workout.

The second client likes to drink wine, she’s not so strict with her nutrition but she does eat clean (healthy) 90% of the time.

The third client is dedicated to her workouts and her tennis but misses her meals. Even though she eats clean food she doesn’t eat enough and her metabolism is very slow.

The Reasons

So when someone asks me how long will it take to lose weight…again it just depends on your metabolism, your age, how dedicated are you in weight training, how focused you are on your meals and doing all your aerobic activity.

I always tell my clients: if you’re dedicated to your workout, your nutrition, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep and you’re still struggling with your weight, I recommend that you do go to get some blood work done.

Not Getting Results?

Willpower is Key

Eat well with fresh broccoli healthy nutritionMake sure that you don’t have any issues with your thyroid or your glucose levels, etc. and all your blood work comes back really healthy and clean. It could be that you’re just not pushing hard enough in the gym.

You need to get a little bit more intense with your workouts, do a little longer aerobic activity. If it’s at 45 minutes, bump it up to an hour to an hour and a half.

Each day write down everything that you’re eating. Make sure you’re not missing any meals, drinking plenty of water. Remember you can’t get in shape in one day, just like you can’t live your life in one day.

Patience, commitment, willpower is everything when it comes to losing weight, feeling fit and happy.

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