Workouts Prevent Holiday Weight

Keep Working Out to Control Holiday Weight Gain

workout with personal trainer meral ertunc maitlandHi everyone happy holidays from Meral! I’d like to share a message today on how to stay fit throughout the holiday season.

If you want to prevent weight gain you have to keep working out through the holidays. Don’t stop training, just keep working out. Do your aerobic activities and lift weights to stay active.

Thanksgiving, all the way through New Year’s there are many parties such as family events, office parties, cocktails, hours to get together with all your loved ones to celebrate this wonderful season.

If you wait until January or February you’ll be overwhelmed trying to get fit again and lose weight. Maintain your work outs!

Everyone Indulges Over the Holidays

We all want to indulge in those yummy Christmas cookies, cakes and potluck lunches. I recommend that you keep up with your workouts as much as possible throughout the holidays. Don’t stop working out but make time for workouts so you won’t gain as much weight.

Must Do Aerobics and Weights

winter park fl best personal trainerYou must do your aerobic activities and weight training and it might be difficult at times because you’re so strapped for time.You’re busy doing Christmas shopping having office parties… but if you don’t want that scale to start creeping up, then I recommend that you maintain and keep your workouts as much as possible.

At least you won’t be gaining the weight, you can maintain your weight and you can indulge in some holiday festivities.

Don’t Wait Until January and February

Most likely I’m gonna see most of you middle of January, February coming in and getting in a panic that summer’s around the corner and you have gained weight and body fat has increased.

Average Weight Gain: 6 to 9 pounds!

The average person gains from Thanksgiving throughout New Year’s anywhere between six to nine pounds! It’s so easy to put the weight on, but when it comes to taking that weight off, it’s extremely difficult, challenging and frustrating. You have to work so hard and diet that you get stressed out.

So if you want to indulge throughout the holiday season remember to keep training hard and you won’t be gaining that weight and you can maintain that fit body.

Have a happy, healthy and safe holiday season!

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