About Me

Orlando Florida personal trainer Meral Ertunc helps clients transform their bodies through one-on-one training and workouts in the privacy of the Body Lines by Meral studio.

“Your success is my reward,” said Meral who has 25 years of experience as a trainer. “You tell me your goals and if you stick to it, I’ll help you get there. It’s not going to be easy and you may not like all of it, but I’ll be there with you every step of the way.”

Personal training with Meral standing at your side means that your workout form is proper, you’re lifting the right amount of weight for your body and that you’re completing every repetition and Meral pushes you for a few more. Your workouts are intense and your plan is in the hands of a personal trainer who knows what you want and will make sure your workouts will get you there.

Meral is a Professional Athlete

Meral is an International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) model and a was a professional bodybuilder.  As a professional athlete, Meral lives what she teaches about the benefit of working out regularly. Meral puts in hours of work with clients to set weight loss and toning goals. She checks body weight, body fat, learns about your physical challenges, injuries, illnesses and restrictions so that she can plan your workouts.

A major part of every workout is a discussion about food and eating habits. You may not know what you should be eating or avoiding, but you can track your meals and all you eat.

Meral’s knowledge, food preparation and what to eat helps clients to become healthy and physically fit.

85% of Weight Loss and Fitness: Nutrition

Meral knows nutrition and how nutrition affects the body’s workout progress. Meral’s mantra is that nutrition is 85% of body transformation. If you don’t eat the right foods, no amount of training can successfully change the shape of your body.

You can’t fool mother nature by working out for hours or running or both after eating too much. Food powers and shapes the body.  The body needs what the body needs and it’s not really an argument that can be won with extra situps, miles of jogging or time on the Stair Master. The amount of food, the food type and nutrition affect how much to eat and what types of food to eat. Food propels muscle growth, fat, fitness and weight loss.

Meral’s primary function as a personal trainer is to help clients power through workouts, consistent workouts, careful workouts designed specifically to the body, ability and desires of a client.

If you want to lose weight through motivation and carefully created training regimens, Meral is the personal trainer for you. If you want to eat badly and maintain an unhealthy lifestyle, that’s your choice. Meral is not going to judge. It’s your life, your decision, but expecting results to be miraculous when no diet changes are made will not be a reasonable expectation

Meral tells clients to eat properly for their body type and weight and body goals. If no changes are made, your fitness will increase, body fat, weight and other factors will not be realistically met.

But when a client understands what healthy eating looks like, the work in the gym really pays off. That’s the success that rewards the client and Meral.

What Does a Personal Trainer Do for You?

Meral only provides one-on-one training to discerning clients who enjoy the privacy of the Body Lines by Meral gym and the personal attention that Meral gives in every step of the workout. She maximizes every minute of a workout from the moment a client walks in the door to the moment they return to their busy lives and schedules.

“Everybody has a physical issue that they struggle with: stomach, thighs, arms, chest,” Meral said. “Everyone has body structures that challenge them or that they feel they can’t change.

“Somethings can’t be changed, but if they can, we’ll work on it together. And what we can’t change, we’ll deal with in workouts.

“You may be eating wrong but you improve what foods work with your lifestyle and that are best for your health and body challenges.”

When you make the commitment, Meral is your coach. She helps and encourages you to follow through.  — as long as you try and stick with the workouts. Meral will consider your likes. She’s not going to force you to do anything you are not going to be able to maintain.

Many clients have health issues but by working with Meral they can stay fit and regain their health through personalized workouts and necessary lifestyle changes.

The key is finding the foods, workouts and habits that clients can live with. If a habit is to be made of eating right and exercise, it has to be something you like, what you can and will do on your own. This is Meral’s key to success.

Bodybuilder, Healthy Cooking, Fitness Model

Meral Ertunc grew up in Turkey and her family moved to the United States when she was very young. She is a professional bodybuilder, a personal trainer, and an International Federation of Body Building and Fitness Figure model.

Healthy living has been a way of life for her as she helps people learn how to live healthy. She started Body Lines by Meral  in Maitland, Florida, and has been a personal trainer for 25 years.

“For 10 years I competed in some of the world’s top bodybuilding events including the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic, the World Bodybuilding Championships, the Ms. Olympia and the Jan Tana Pro Classic,” she said.

“I’ve owned and operated several personal training studios and gyms providing nutrition and fitness guidance supporting clients at the World’s Gym in Lake Mary, Florida; Physique Plus Personal Training Studio; and the Spinning Center in Orlando, Florida.”

Meral’s training, fitness and nutrition tips have been featured in fitness publications for 25 years including Muscle and Fitness, Parillo, SoBe Fit, Iron Man, Women’s Physique and many more.

How Meral Helps Clients Lose Weight

Healthy Living, Workouts, Healthy Eating

Clients definitely challenge Meral with a variety of weight, health and personal issues that have kept them from being healthy. But she’s been successful by showing them strength training methods and a mix of healthy cooking lessons that benefit all ability levels.

Meral combines cardiovascular conditioning with strength training, TRX training, and nutrition to maximize results. She customize every program to help individuals reach their goals. She is a mentor who lives by example: she had done everything she asks her clients to do.

“I try to inspire clients with my own personal commitment,” said Meral who is training for a half-marathon and runs, eats, and lives healthy. “My expertise ranges from weight loss, to TRX training, injury recovery, muscle-specific knowledge, even tanning for competitions.”

Meral’s clients stay with her and many have trained with her for 5, 10, even 15 years because she maximizes their time and results. Her openings for training are exclusive, regular, and can include in-home training or studio training. Every session is about using time carefully so that no one misses one minute with her in the gym.

Private Personal Training Sessions

Body Lines by Meral is a private one-on-one personal training studio. There are no lines, no reason to be embarrassed, or bothered by other guests. There is a limited number of people in the studio at one time.

“This studio has allowed me to be a personal trainer to people who really want and need to change,” Meral said. “I’m given the opportunity to help individuals achieve their health and fitness goals every day. I listen and I respond to each issue or challenge so that I can develop a personalized fitness program for everyone who comes to train with me.”

In one aspect, Meral said everybody is the same because each person needs to engage in some form of resistance training and some form of cardiovascular training. Each person needs to practice a regimented approach towards diet and nutrition.

But everyone has different backgrounds, personal circumstance, available time, physical limitations and ability. That’s why everyone needs and deserves a customized training program–one that takes into account individual differences.

Nutrition is the No. 1 Key to Success

“I have turned bodybuilding food preparation into a culinary art form by infusing taste into what was bland. I’ve had a lot of food preparation practice and I tell all my clients to be ready to commit to a serious food preparation program if they’re going to make a change,” Meral said.

She asks clients to eat healthy and make time for simple, tasty, efficient meals. Food preparation has to be easy because the average person needs diet food that’s not bland or unappetizing to stick with it long-term.

Why Meral’s Training Works: Experience

Anyone can lure people to gyms. But Meral has YEARS of providing clients with significant physical improvement, a radical decrease in body fat and a dramatic increase in lean muscle mass. Meral’s motto: Your Success is My Reward.

Her secret to getting clients into terrific physical condition and she’s merciless in the gym. Clients work really hard in every session.

Contact Meral for an initial consultation and for pricing. Session packages vary greatly and are customized to every client.

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