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Maitland, Winter Park and Orlando, Florida’s top one-on-one personal trainer Meral Ertunc customizes personal training fitness packages, workouts and training plans. An IFBB fitness model and a professional bodybuilder Meral has trained busy professionals, seniors, people recovering from injury or illnesses for 25 years.

Meral trains you and stands at your side throughout your entire customized workout so that you don’t get injured. Proper form is a major part of working out. You’ll have a coach to walk you through every step of your workout.

Meral will train you in one-on-one sessions at the Body Lines by Meral private personal training studio, or at a home gym, or another private gym. Buddy Sessions are available for two people who want to work out as a team with Meral guiding the session.

The key to succeeding with personal weight loss and fitness is to incorporate personal training into your everyday life so that daily success will continue.

To get started, call for an initial consultation with Meral to begin your fitness plan.

One-On-One Personal Training

Body Lines by Meral private training studio is located in Maitland right off of 17-92. This is a private training studio and is not open to the public.

If you become a client, you’ll come in through a private entrance in the front where there are street parking spaces usually available right outside.

Inside the studio there are clean, beautiful machines, free weights, cardio machines, mats for floor work. There is a kitchen and a private bath and changing room with shower and tub.

You can leave your home or office, bring your training clothes, change in a private room, get dressed and get started on your workout. You’ll go into the gym with maybe two or three other people. Many times, you may be the only person in the studio with Meral depending on the time of day that you train. No one disturbs you and everyone at the gym is there to workout and get back to their busy lives.

Training schedules are setup with Meral who will do her best to find a time that works for you. There are limited openings as Meral has clients who stick with her and train with her for many, many years.

You’ll start by warming up on your own before your workout so that you’re ready to workout the very minute that your training session starts. You’re required to arrive early, so that you have time to change, dress, and prepare for the workout.

When your training session begins, Meral stands at your side from start to finish and throughout the one-on-one workout. Meral sets the weights. She tells you how many reps to complete. She decides what machines you’ll use, which exercises, how many reps, what the weights will be, and makes sure you’re working hard. She’ll push you to push yourself.

Meral guides you through the entire workout and urges you on to just one more rep. She’ll correct your posture and make certain that you’re doing every movement properly.

You’ll start slowly and work your way up without the risk of injury or overdoing it. Meral works with you to help decide what your goals will be and how you will get there. Ready to get started? Call for a consultation and have your goals and training session packages in mind.

One-On-One Private Training Packages

If you’re going to become a Body Lines by Meral client, you’ll sign up for one-on-one training packages. Times will be scheduled with Meral.

  • 8 Private 30-Minute Training Sessions
  • 8 Private 45-Minute Training Sessions
  • 12 Private 30-Minute Training Sessions
  • 12 Private Buddy 45-Minute Training Sessions
  • 16 Private 45-Minute Training Sessions
  • 24 Private 30-Minute Training Sessions
  • In-house training 45-Minute Training Sessions

TRX Suspension Training

Private Training Sessions in one-on-one sessions

TRX Suspension Training uses your bodyweight in workouts that utilize nylon straps with handles to complete the exercises. The exercises build all body strength, flexibilty and your core at the same time.

TRX is used by athletes and teams throughout the NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, NHL. All tactical athletes and in all branches of the military, ftness enthusiasts, trainers, and all major gyms and studios throughout the world.

Like any exercise program, TRX Training should only be done with the supervision of a trainer and with the approval of a doctor if there are physical or health issues.

Consultations & Packaged Sessions

Single Sessions

  • 1 Private Session (30 minutes)
  • 1 Private Session (45 minutes)
  • 1 Private Session (60 minutes)
  • 1 Buddy Private Training Session (2 people 45 minutes)

Healthy Choices Consultations

Success losing weight and getting your body in shape starts with what you eat and the food choices that you make. Nutrition is 85% of weight loss so you have to eat a wide range of foods and make sure that you’re not skipping foods that are good for you and that taste good.

Sit down with Meral to talk about what you’re eating. Meral will go through your choices and help you sort the good from the bad. If you don’t eat properly it doesn’t matter how much you work out, your body will not change or reshape the way you’d like. It may be time to make a change.

How would you like to know if what you eat is good, bad or OK with a few changes? Maybe your kitchen, your restaurant choices, your grocery shopping needs a major overhaul. Are you eating a lot of sugar, salt, fast food, fried food, sauces?

If you’re curious as to what you should cut from your snack drawer or cabinet, then get ready to sit down with Meral for a healthy eating discussion. Wouldn’t it be great to learn how to shop for healthy food in any grocery store? Meral will shop with you and help you make healthy choices that you can live with.

Can you find time to make meals at home if you know that you’ll lose weight by preparing it yourself? You may be cutting fat, sugar, salt, desserts, bad carbs from your diet but you’re still not getting fit or losing weight? Find out how you can change the way you eat with a one-on-one private healthy choices consultations.

Individual Healthy Cooking Class

This cooking class is for individuals with busy schedules who want to learn how to cook healthy meals. You may not event know how to cook and that’s fine, it doesn’t matter what you know.

When you finish taking cooking classes with Meral who has been cooking healthy meals for more than 30 years, you’ll know how to cook using better food choices and food preparation processes.

Meral will give you the healthy cooking classes with Meral Ertunckeys to quick and healthy preparation, shopping and how to pick the healthiest ingredients.

You can give your favorite meals and recipes to Meral who will help you replace ingredients that are unhealthy. Meral will:

  • Help you turn your favorite recipes into healthy recipes
  • Teach you grocery shopping so you can learn to select healthy foods
  • Teach you how to cook, substitute and season food without the ingredients that aren’t healthy
  • Teach you food preparation to maximize taste and healthy choices
  • Teach you how to cook without salt/fat/dairy/gluten/sugar

You’ll learn how to select the best meats, vegetables, what are the good complex carbohydrates? Do you know good carbs from bad carbs? Do you have to limit sodium, fats, sugars and other ingredients?

Cook and Shop: Swap Unhealthy for Healthy Ingredients

one-on-one training sessions with a personal trainer

Meral will help you by teaching you how to cook and shop to create a healthy meal. You’ll be eating at home cooking for yourself instead of grabbing fast food or ordering take out or delivery.

Don’t start throwing out your favorite foods, learn how to cook your favorite meals but with alternatives to fats, oils, salts, sugars.

If you have to avoid salt, sugar or other ingredients and are worried that the foods will no longer taste good, Meral can teach you how to season to replace those ingredients.

Hold an individual cooking class at your home for those friendswith busy lifestyles. Learn quick and easy methods of cooking. Improve your health and quality of life with better food, menus and meal planning.

Client provides food for every meal and all ingredients and preparation items in their kitchen with their supplies.

Group Cooking Classes

Cooking lesson prices decrease based upon the number of clients per group. Choose a time, day and a place with a kitchen large enough to accommodate your friends, family, relatives. Invite a houseful of people and learn how to cook with healthy seasoning, how to prepare food so that it tastes great and is good for you.