Thanks for Supporting The Race For the Cure

I just wanted to say thank you everyone who gave their time to run or walk or who gave extremely generous donations to Team Body Lines by Meral for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

We had a great team and with your help raised almost $3,000 thanks to all of you. Here’s a look at the fun we had. The Race for the Cure had thousands of people and it was an amazing experience. Thank you all so much!   -Meral

Team Body Lines by Meral runners/walkers from left: Daniel Sparks, Diana Hamilton, David Caits, Stephanie Caits, Clara Caits, Miriam Sarit, Jennifer Fortis, Brian Caits, Meral Ertunc, Landy Dean, Rebekah Brown 

Donors to The Race for the Cure
Amy Angert
Judy Albertson
Eileen and Steve Barberi
Dena Block
Rebekah Brown
Diane Burns
Brian Caits
Clara Caits
David Caits
Stephanie Caits
Bonnie Chipbonstout
Helen Christiansen
Rosalind and Moshe Citronowicz
Ron Citronowicz
Landy Dean
Allyson Fortis
Jennifer Fortis
Sharon Gonzalez
Diana Hamilton
Miriam Jacobs
Sylvia Jacobs
Kim Joohee
Linda Liegel
Margaret Madsen
Marilyn Madsen
David & Maggie McLeod
Shelley Meier
Julie Muhr
Star Norman
Sallie Pins
Physicians of Florida Oncology Network, PA
Physicians of Heartland Oncology Partners, LLC
Paul Quinn
Daniel Sparks
Miriam Sarit
Sandi and Robert Solaccio
Patricia Sullivan
BeeJay West
Christopher Westerfield
Woody Wilson

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Join Me in The Race for the Cure

As a 15-year breast cancer survivor, I want to invite you to join me in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, a 5K walk- run that will be held Sunday, October 16 at UCF.

I know you may not be a runner, but you can Walk for the Cure, or they even have a package where you can Sleep for the Cure.  You can also just give a donation.

I’m forming a fundraising team to walk or run or donate in this fundraising event because this means so very much to me.

I’d like to recognize each one of the people in your lives and ask you to help others, like the loved ones you know, who are fighting for their lives, in the battle of their life.

I take this to heart, not only because I am celebrating my 15th year as a survivor, but because money needs to be raised by those who care and who are praying for a cure.

If you can’t participate, I’m asking that you give any amount, a small donation–even $5 will help–whatever you can give to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Just write a check to the Susan G. Komen Foundation or go online. Your check is your receipt.

This is not just about being on team Body Lines to raise money with me. This is about people who are struggling with a horrible disease and who need our help. If we can go out there to walk and run and have a good time at the same time, that’s even better.

I want to be sensitive to the fact that you may already give to other charities and that you’re really busy and money may be tight. If you can’t give, I certainly understand.

If you can participate just let me know and I’ll get you the information to sign up. You don’t have to be on my team, your donation or being a part of my team is all up to you. I’m just asking you to be a part of something that will mean so much to so many people.

Thank you for taking time to read this and for your understanding and support.

To join our team or start your own or donate go to:

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