Meral Ertunc

Orlando personal trainer Meral Ertunc trains clients wanting to lose weight and get in shape in one-on-one sessions at Body Lines by Meral private fitness studio.

Certified with the American Council on Exercise and Aerobics & Fitness Association of America, Meral is also an IFBB Fitness model who enjoys healthy cooking. Nutrition is a key component and she teaches clients to eat for their weight and body goals.

The Maitland, Florida, training studio is beautiful. It’s quiet and serene setting is created with busy people who need a calm place to workout and focus. The studio is private. All appointments are timed down to the minute. Your schedule is important because you likely have limited amounts of time to workout.

Too Busy to Drive to the Gym?

Meral will bring the gym to you and train you at your home, private gym or specific location to accommodate hectic schedules. You can have a focused 30- or 45-minute session to help you get in shape and stay in shape. She provides TRX bands and light equipment or can use weights in your home.

Body Lines by Meral maximizes and focuses training time allowing the personal trainer to take over the time and direct the workout from start to finish.

Body Lines by Meral Studio

Before any workout, Meral consults with clients taking into consideration all physical limitations, medical concerns, medications, weight loss goals, and nutritional knowledge.

She then customizes training to your individual needs with a relevant time frame, goals and a schedule.

Private Training by Appointment Only

When you arrive for your scheduled workout, it begins right away and Meral stands with you and leads every single movement in the workout. She will help support and direct all parts of the workout. Meral guides the workout from start to finish and will push you to achieve your goals.

Body Lines by Meral Studio Elliptical

The fully-equipped studio features free weights, machines, treadmills, bikes, Stair Masters, Elliptical machines for use by a limited number of people at one time.

There are appointment-only times for studio use by clients who prefer privacy for training sessions as opposed to large, crowded groups of people training at one time.

Meral offers sessions specific to weight loss, weight maintenance, rehabilitation, medical or physical restrictions training, training after recovery from surgery or an illness, weight training, toning, strength training, competitive weight training for bikini or bodybuilding.

This is available within the privacy of an easily accessible location with parking right outside the front door. There’s a private shower and changing facility with all the amenities of home so you can get to your next appointment or to work.

The studio has a private kitchen where Meral offers healthy cooking lessons that focus on eating the proper food combinations for your unique health and fitness goals. Call for your initial appointment and to discuss goals and training packages with Meral at Body Lines by Meral.

Personal Trainer Dena Block

Dena Block has been in the fitness industry for 16 years. She earned her Masters of Science and BS in Physical Education from Eastern Illinois University in 1999.  She trains clients at Body Lines by Meral by appointment only.

Dena maintains national personal training certifications including National Academy of Sports Medicine and American College of Sports Medicine. Dena has been teaching for six years passing along her love for and knowledge of Personal Training and Health and Wellness as a full-time instructor at Rollins College Physical Education Department.

Dena specializes in functional training. She utilizes resistance bands, medicine balls and stability balls in all of her sessions. She adds a little diversity to her one-on-one personal training, group training sessions, and Boot Camp at Body Lines on Saturday mornings. Her goal is to make every session and every class that her clients attend, unique.

“I NEVER want them to know what they are in for when they arrive. I constantly change up the workout and routine which makes it a challenge for clients and in turn challenges me to be a better trainer.” Overall, Dena’s mission is to empower anyone who wishes to make a positive change in their health and a change that they will be able to maintain for life. “You have to enjoy what you are doing or else it no longer becomes exercise, it becomes work. Once it reaches that point the motivation and love has been lost.”